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Na Keiki Mauloa 2022 Season Summary

Congratulations to all our NKM girls and coaches on a great season. We are so proud of how much our players have grown from the beginning of the season to the end. Our teams were able to compete at the AAU Nationals in Orlando, Florida, and the USA Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. And for your reference there are different divisions. Here are the divisions ranked from most competitive to least:

1) Open

2) Premiere

3) Club

4) Classic


12's White - 53rd in 12's Club (out of 66)

12's Green - Tied for 11th in 12's OPEN (out of 19)

13's - 1st Place in 13's PREMIERE (out of 38)

14's White - 103rd in 14's CLUB (out of 170)

14's Green - Tied for 5th in 14's OPEN (out of 43)

15's - 42nd in 15's CLUB (out of 72)

16's - 58th in 16's OPEN (out of 74)

2022 USAV Nationals

14's Green - 11th in 14's National (out of 48)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR TEAMS! We are looking forward to next year!

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