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We are grateful to Na Keiki Mauloa for Kate’s growth and development as an athlete, but more importantly, for what this club (family to us) has contributed to her growth as a person.  Kate has been with Barney since the age of 11.  Barney, Terri, Bailey and Eleu, and the many other wonderful coaches, have created a solid system that develops a strong volleyball foundation.  The addition of Robyn Ah-Mow, and the UH Men’s Volleyball Team during our tenure also really solidified Kate’s learning process.  Through their tutelage, Kate has developed a strong technique and fundamentals.  Their method of instruction also helps players develop a high court IQ.  On a more personal note, Kate learned how to confront difficulties on the court and stay mentally strong, support her teammates no matter what, and develop a willingness and passion to always improve her game.  
Specific drills are designed and reinforced.  The expectation is that the athletes will follow
through with proper form, mechanics and positioning on the court.  And certainly, everyone is expected to give 100% effort.  Effort and attitude are key.   This structure and these values create trust and builds a bond between the athletes, between the athletes and coaches and between the families that comprise the team.  If you choose Na Keiki Mauloa for your daughter, we simply recommend that you trust the process and trust these coaches.  They have high expectations of the girls, but so much growth comes from that.  As athletes, they are taught to represent their families, themselves, their club
and their state with respect and aloha, and we can honestly say that we are very proud of every Na Keiki Mauloa team that Kate has played with.  


Finally, we appreciate that Na Keiki Mauloa does not enter lower-level tournaments to simply win a title.  They will always compete at the highest level, and win or lose, the main goal is the development of the girls’ level of play.  And you know what?  Hawaii girls can certainly compete at a high level!  As Kate has learned, you must be willing to put in the effort to get the results you want. There is no favoritism or guaranteed play time. You earn your time on the court.  We are so grateful for the experience that our daughter has had and are also grateful for the friendships and experiences that we have been able to have with this club.  It is with much aloha and gratitude that we recommend Na Keiki Mauloa!

Dean & Kim Yoshimoto, Parents of Kate Yoshimoto

Thank you for all that you do. Over the years, Coach Barney and all the Na Keiki Mauloa coaches have truly taught our daughter, Alyssa, the skills to play at the highest level. Na Keiki Mauloa is a great environment that has taught her a high level of volleyball IQ and to play confidently as a player. They set high standards for each player by keeping everyone accountable on and off the court. We are truly blessed and grateful for Na Keiki Mauloa. As parents, we are confident with the values instilled in our daughter that she will be taking with her to play at the next level.

Sara & Jon Muraoka, Parents of Alyssa Muraoka

Joining Na Keiki Mauloa was the best decision we made for Tayli.   Coach Barney does an incredible job of teaching strong fundamental skills.  He trains the players hard, expects a lot in order for them to compete at the highest level, and also stresses the importance of being the best person they can be both on and off the court. 


With the knowledge and skills gained at Mauloa, Tayli has been blessed with many exciting and valuable volleyball opportunities and experiences. 


There is something very unique and truly special about Na Keiki Mauloa and we are honored to be a part of the Mauloa Ohana!

Lori & Chad Ikenaga, Parents of Tayli Ikenaga

What has Na Keiki Mauloa done for my player?  The club has shaped her to the person she is today.  The coaches have high expectations of the player to be good students, community citizens, family members and athletes.  They expect players to manage their time wisely, prioritize tasks and be the best version of themselves.  They train hard and play hard, resulting in great outcomes.  The players are enormously fortunate to be surrounded by coaches with extremely high levels of experience and can mold them at the early stages of development.  My daughter started shy and low on confidence, slowly her skills and confidence evolved.  The journey and maturation is what makes me, as a parent, proud to see in my player as a member of this club.

How does it all work?  As a Team Mom/Manager there are a lot of hands behind the scenes that lightens the workload.  The directors, coaches, managers and parents dedicate a lot of love to bring it all together to give the players a great experience.    These are the moments players will fondly reflect on, as their youth experience and how fun it was to play with friends on their journey to becoming great players. 

If this is the experience you want for your player, consider Na Keiki Mauloa for your player.  Be prepared to work hard, play hard and commit to the process.

Paula & Arnold Matsushima, Parents of Macy Matsushima

Nā Keiki Mauloa has been a great place for our daughter to develop a solid foundation of volleyball fundamentals that she continues to build upon and grow.  


What we’ve also appreciated and has been invaluable to our family is that Coach Barney and the other NKM coaches not only teach the physical aspects of the game but also take the time to teach the mental aspects as well.  Learning and growing also extends beyond the court.  They constantly instill in all of the girls the importance of being good students, teammates and family members. 


Finally, the aspect that sets NKM apart is that the club was never setup as and does not operate as a business with a focus on numbers and profit.  The NKM team possess an unparalleled love for the game and an even greater passion to develop each player’s skill and makes it a priority to instill sportsmanship, respect, character and self-esteem.  We appreciate that every player is valued and that our daughter has been able to be apart of this volleyball process and the Mauloa ohana!

Persi & Guy Mello, Parents of MaKenna Mello

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